We VISION the Greater Glory Ministries as a strong, spirit-filled, multi-cultural/inner-city church, impacting our community, our city, our nation and our world through leadership development, in-reach ministries and heartfelt out-reach evangelism.





The MISSION of the Greater Glory Ministries is to equip our church family to live and serve God day by day as we seek to minister through our Vision/Mission GOALS to those we come in contact with, becoming –


o Stronger through worship

  • Provide a place of sanctuary, peace, prayer, healing, fellowship

  • Be open and accessible to all who desire to worship with us

  • Gather to praise God, listen to him, and respond


o Warmer through fellowship

  • Include all ages in the life of GGM

  • Promote stewardship of accumulated resources

  • Administer the sacraments and celebrate the rites of passage (birth, marriage, death).

  • Share the facilities with which God has blessed us for the spiritual, physical, intellectual and moral development of children and adults in our community.

  • Offer annual conferences, seminars and workshops for people in the congregation


o Deeper through discipleship

  • Develop leaders who will enable our members to become committed to seeking first the Kingdom of God

  • Openly promote and intentionally provide the means by which each member and adherent can experience spiritual growth

  • Discern and develop the spiritual gifts present in all members

  • Educate adults and children in biblical knowledge and contemporary moral and social issues.


o Broader through ministry

  • Be a congregation that invites people to faith in Christ, and uses our resources to benefit others

  • Develop a variety of programs and ministries in order to address the spiritual, social, and service needs and opportunities of all ages

  • Embrace changes and take risks to live by our values and principles

  • Ensure that God’s house is safeguarded and sustained

  • Provide spiritual, moral and emotional support through visitation and counseling.

  • Support the caring ministries of our members


o Larger through evangelism

  • Offer annual conferences, seminars and workshops for people in the community

  • Insure the GGM building has exposure in the community

  • Provide ongoing faith development opportunities for all ages

  • Invite the participation of the community into our church programs and activities

  • Accept all persons as created in God's image regardless of gender, race, age, handicap, cultural heritage, or social and economic status.

  • Express God's unconditional welcome to all who come to us



   “And the GLORY of this latter house shall be GREATER than that of the former, saith the Lord of hosts.  And in this place will I give peace, saith the Lord of Hosts.”  Haggai 2:9 


About Our Church

Our Founders:

Sr. Pastor - Sr. Administrative Assistant, Superintendent Dr. Sam Townsend, Sr  and

1st Lady Gwendolyn Lawson Townsend 

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