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6419 Martin Luther King Jr. Way South

Seattle, Washington  98118-3149

(888) 723-6419


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6419 Martin Luther King Jr. Way South

Seattle, Washington  98118-3149

PHONE:  (888)723-6419 


  1 - General Information & Sr. Pastor's Message Line

  2 - Office of the Department of Music

  3 - 1stLady's Message Line

  4 - Women Of Glory Ministries Office

  5 - Department of Youth/Teens

  6 - The Blessing's Room & VBS Information

  7 - Intercessory Praying Women-Prayer Request Line

​​​​  8 - Sick & Shut In - Visitation Request Line

  9 - Office of the Old Landmark District.Message Line


As you turn into the GGM property, you will find parking spaces right in front, convenient to the entrance of the building.  These spaces are quite limited, so there is other parking available:


  1. Around the side (as you exit the parking lot) along the fence

  2. Behind the building in the fenced GGM back lot

  3. On the street on South Angel Street

  4. Other street parking around the area

  5. At the DSHS Building on the corner of South Graham Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way South.  During large events, GGM provides shuttle service from this location, but only for specified events.