1st Lady - Mother Gwendolyn Lawson Townsend

"Beloved, just for a bit, be still and praise God for His favor, His grace, and His awesomeness.  Use your weapon!   God is able to do the impossible and is always so very near, loving you unconditionally.   Believe that He will help you to live your life to the fullest, cause you to excel above your expectations, empower  you to shine in the darkest places, protect you at all times, lift you up when you need Him the most, let you know when you walk with Him that you will always be safe, and to position yourself to spiritually receive that which He has already provided.  Blessings to you, in HOLINESS. "

District Missionary Gwendolyn E. Lawson Townsend is a native of Seattle, Washington with roots in Shreveport, Louisiana. She is a proud graduate of Garfield High School in Seattle and attended Shoreline College and NW College for Medical Assistants/Lab Technicians where she received her certification and board preparation. She then went on to receive her BA in Public Administration and certification as an Interior Decorator.  She hold several local church (Greater Glory Ministries), Washington State Jurisdictional and International COGIC positions including Supervisor of the GGM Department of Women, President of Women of Glory Ministries, Founder of INFUSION Summit and Sister-Time; Jurisdictional Department of Women Administrative Assistant, Executive Secretary, and Executive Board member. 

Our newly appointed General Supervisor, Mother Barbara McCoo Lewis, in her first official international meeting on April 3, 2017 during the COGIC International April Call Meeting, made her first publically announced appointment as she called to the platform,

"Mother Gwendolyn Lawson Townsend"

to perform her first official duty as

International Assistant Executive Secretary

of the Department of Women Worldwide.  

Under this new appointment she has already written and published the first International Department of Women Directory, and her work is just beginning.

Her latest international assignments include:  her appointment in November 2017 by the General Supervisor, Mother Barbara McCoo Lewis, as the International  Executive Secretary for the Intl. COGIC Department of Women; her appointment onto the Special Convention Assistance Committee of the  Intl. COGIC Department of Women; and onto the Board of Directors of the McGlothen Houses/Intl. COGIC Department of Women.

Her Stand:

In the early 2000’s, she began teaching “Positioned by prayer, precept, principle, and practice for protection, potentiality, power, purpose, peace, passion, possibility, provision, His plan, His promise, His path and His presence.  Position yourself to receive that which the Lord has already provided!” and a few years later she positioned herself to become the published author of HOLINESS – God’s Demand For His People with a second book due to be published soon.  


In April of 2016, LadyG was presented the opportunity to exhort the people of God in the Washington State Jurisdiction Women's Convention opening night services where, as the 1st local person to be the featured speaker at an opening evening service bringing the message of "The Peculiarity of Me...standing on a Holiness Foundation" and she again reminded the people of God's Unretracted HOLINESS Demand.  In January 2020, LadyG was the main speaker at the Jurisdictional Monthly Fellowship Meeting with the message "Journey of Opportunity."


In 2019 she expanded her vision to found Gracious Ladies Together (GLT-InService, InMinistry).  Go to www.GLT-inservice.org and be excited with the GGM Department of Women - (833) 411-0033).


Being from the “old school” she stands on its HOLINESS teachings and in her 3:00am Prayer and Word Study on her birthday, July 10 (7/10), from Ezra 7:10 she received study, do, teach – and so she does.

Her Life Theme:  "I Trust God"

We will continue to pray for our GGM Department of Women Supervisor and Women of Glory Ministries President as she now represents us internationally efficiently and with excellence as the

Executive Secretary for the

International Department of Women.

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